Losing Man Boobs with Liposuction

male-liposuctionHaving excessively big man boobs can be very embarrassing for a man. It makes a man lose self confidence. It is traditional that boobs are meant for women so when a man develops huge boobs, it becomes very awkward. Aside from the cosmetic point of view, it is a health hazard for a man to develop very big man-boobs.

  • This is not a concern anymore though. Modern science has come up with a cosmetic treatment known as liposuction. This treatment has been known to treat this condition among many others. Scientific surveys have shown that the fat deposits found around the boob area are very stubborn and hard to get rid of. This is where liposuction comes in.
  • The results of liposuction are evident even as soon as right after the completion of the procedure. When liposuction is carried out, it suctions all the fat with the help of small tubes that are inserted into the body. Once the fat has been drained, the skin is tightened up so as to leave no space for infections and more fat deposits.
  • The procedure to lose man boobs using liposuction is very easy. If performed by a professional, one could go home immediately after the procedure to recuperate there. The procedure also doesn’t take a lot of time to be completed. Once the local anesthesia administered wears off, you can continue with life as usual of course with a little bit more rest.
  • Experts in the liposuction in London field have declared the man boob removal procedure to be very safe. They say that seldom does anything go wrong. If well taken care of, infections are hard to contract.


Liposuction to remove man boobs is a very safe procedure. It also takes a very short time to heal. It is therefore a very economical procedure whichever way you look at it.


If you have been considering liposuction to lose your man boobs, wait no more. For more information on the procedure, log on to www.drpuneetgupta.co.uk . Enjoy a new lease of life.