EHIC: European Health Insurance Card Explained – 2016 Edition

European-Health-Insuarance-CardHealth insurance is a great way of ensuring you will always get healthcare even in times of emergencies. In 2006 the European Health Insurance Card was introduced replacing the traditional E111.The EHIC is a free card that is offered to UK residents and residents of member countries represented by the European Union. It is available to citizens who are over 18 years of age. Minors living with their parents can also access the card if their parents apply on their behalf. One needs to provide their full names, address, National Health Service number and date of birth.

If you are traveling, you can use the card for medical healthcare as long as the country you are visiting is a member sate of the European Economic Area. This makes it easy for tourists visiting the UK to have peace of mind as they visit these countries. The European Health Insurance Card covers all medical treatment you receive during your visit including accidents. It also includes treatment for chronic conditions and maternity care. The card is not valid if you have moved abroad to live or for further studies. Everyone who is over 18 and currently citizens of UK and are covered by the National Health Service can apply for the card. The card does not replace the functions of travel insurance so make sure you have both of these documents before you travel abroad.

Having in possession a valid European Health Insurance Card has many benefits. Here are just a few of these;

  • Peace of be mind; sickness can be an expensive ordeal especially if you are treating chronic conditions like liver diseases. Therefore, having this card will give you peace of mind as you travel. Remember accidents may occur and you may not be prepared to face the financial burden of dealing with an emergency situation.
  • Convenience; If you have to visit another country you can still get the medical care you need as long as you have the card with you and it has not expired. Basic medical care while visiting the EU country will be covered.
  • Flexibility; even a child can still get the medical care if you apply on his behalf if they are below years. All you need is to fill in the details of the child including their full names date of birth and address. You can also use your application form to apply for your partner. So there I great flexibility in acquiring this card.
  • Covered expenses; there are instances will cater for all of yourmedical expenses if you produce the card. In other cases, you will need to foot half of the bill. In all cases, you are saved a lot of trouble as opposed to going to a hospital without an insurance cover.
  • Quick renewal process; the card expires after every 5 years, but the good aspect of it is that you can renew your European Health Insurance Card 6 months before this date. The process is quick an efficient so you always remain with a valid EHIC card. If you are already having once and want to renew your EHIC, see more details on this EHIC Facebook page.